The murder mystery that took place in Mecca last day has been solved

Makkah Mukarramah A horrific murder took place in a hotel in Makkah Mukarramah yesterday, which the police have traced within 24 hours and the accused has also been arrested. According to the Saudi website Sabq, the body of a man with blood stains on his clothes was found in a hotel in Al-Azizia area of ​​Makkah Mukarramah yesterday.
The hotel management had informed the police after seeing the person renting the room addicted to blood. Police arrived at the scene and found the man dead. A search turned up a dagger in the rubbish bin outside the room. Police, with the help of close-circuit cameras installed at the hotel, pulled a man out of the elevator and into the victim's room.

The man also had a bag in his hand.

When the man came out a few minutes later, there were blood stains on his clothes. Police identified the suspect and arrested him within the next few hours, who lives in a nearby area. According to police, the killer is a Saudi citizen. During the interrogation, he pleaded guilty. The 30-year-old killer said he was staying in a hotel room with the 47-year-old victim.
A few days ago, he was standing on the balcony of the room, smoking a cigarette, at which his partner would curse him. The quarrel between the two escalated and the young man left the hotel at once. But the fire of his anger did not subside, so he came to his companion's room on the morning of the incident and stabbed him several times to death. The accused has been handed over to the prosecution for further investigation.
It may be recalled that some time ago, the Madinah police had arrested a large gang of 20 Pakistanis involved in various thefts and robberies who had stolen a total of 9,070,000 high voltage cables. The group had stolen millions of riyals worth of cable from government project sites as well as private project sites. The group also attacked guards and security guards during the incident and tied them up with ropes and tortured them.
Apart from Madinah, the Pakistani gang carried out a total of 21 incidents in Yanbu, Makkah, Jeddah, Taif and Hail. The gang was so horrific that they burned and buried his body after killing one of their own in connection with the distribution of looted money.

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