Silent protest of medical staff on the arrival of the Prime Minister

Doctors and medical staff are currently frontline fighters around the world to deal with the corona virus, but in many countries they are seen as careless and lacking in facilities.

Doctors and paramedics in the European country of Belgium are suffering from poor facilities and low salaries.

That is why when the Prime Minister of Belgium, Sufi William, arrived in Brussels to visit the St. Prairie Hospital, the medical staff of the hospital expressed their displeasure at his arrival and staged a unique protest.

As soon as Prime Minister Sufi William arrived at the hospital, all the medical staff, instead of welcoming him, protested in silence.

According to local media in Brussels, the medical staff is protesting against the Prime Minister for low salaries, cuts in the medical budget, negligence in providing protective equipment for the treatment of Corona virus and recruitment of inexperienced people for the nursing panel. ۔

This method of protest of medical staff in Belgium on social media has also gone viral on social media.

Corona virus situation in Belgium

The measles coronavirus has so far killed more than 9,000 people in Belgium and infected 55,280.

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