Palestinian President announces termination of all agreements with Israel and US

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has announced the termination of all agreements with Israel and the United States, including security cooperation, following the announcement of the Israeli occupation of more Palestinian territories.

After an emergency meeting, Mahmoud Abbas announced that the Palestinian Authority and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) were no longer bound to implement the agreements signed with Israel.
It should be noted that this announcement by Mahmoud Abbas comes at a time when Israel has recently demolished the houses of Palestinians near Jerusalem in order to build a ghetto there.

Earlier, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu called for the annexation of the West Bank to Israel and the construction of ghettos there.

Mahmoud Abbas said that the Oslo Accords have been canceled due to the occupation of Palestinian land by the Israeli government and now the Israeli authorities as the occupiers of the land of the Palestinian state are responsible for all the consequences.

Mahmoud Abbas called on countries that reject the US peace plan to recognize a Palestinian state in order to preserve world peace, international law and its status.

It may be recalled that in January this year, US President Donald Trump announced his plan for peace in the Middle East, which was rejected by most countries of the world, including the Palestinian Authority.

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