Changes in the nature and duration of coronary heart disease were discovered before the vaccine was developed

Changes in the nature and duration of the disease have been revealed even before the coronavirus vaccine was developed.
According to Chinese experts, the epidemic in Wuhan and other provinces showed differences in the symptoms and duration of the disease.
According to experts, such people also spread the disease without any symptoms.Earlier, the Dow University of Health Sciences in Karachi had also claimed that the corona virus was changing according to local conditions.
Research on corona virus is underway at Dow University in Karachi under the leadership of Vice Chancellor Prof. Muhammad Saeed, according to which genetic changes are taking place in corona virus according to local conditions.According to the Dow University administration, Dow University research analyzed the local corona virus, which showed that the corona virus is changing different forms depending on the local conditions.Leading Pakistani scientist Dr. Ata-ur-Rehman had also said that significant progress has been made in research on corona virus in Pakistan, according to which the chromosomes found in corona virus in Pakistan are different from China.
He said that the severity of these chromosomes found in Corona virus in Pakistan is not as high as the chromosomes found in Chinese virus.

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